Strickler Wins World of Outlaws Opener at Volusia

Kyle Strickler grabbed the lead in the closing laps after leader Bobby Pierce had a mechanical failure.

Wednesday February 10, 2021 at Volusia Speedway Park

Photo: Michael Boggs

Race Statistics:

Sanction: World of Outlaws Late Model Series

Payout: $10,000 to win

Laps: 40

Car Count: 51

Overall Fast Qualifier: Brandon Overton 15.956 seconds

Heat Winners: Bobby Pierce, Tyler Bruening, Tim McCreadie, Kyle Strickler, Devin Moran, Ricky Thornton Jr

B-Main Winners: Scott Bloomquist, Ricky Weiss, Darrell Lanigan

Feature Winner: Kyle Strickler

Expectant Entrants: Kyle Bronson, Shane Clanton, Dennis Erb Jr, Tim McCredie, Devin Moran, Bobby Pierce, Billy Moyer Jr, Hudson O’Neal, Brandon Overton, Jimmy Owens, Josh Richards, Brandon Sheppard, Brian Shirley, Kyle Stickler, Ricky Thornton Jr, & more..

Feature Finish:

Finish: 1. Kyle Strickler 2. Hudson O’Neal 3. Ricky Thornton Jr 4. Jimmy Owens 5. Brian Shirley 6. Tyler Bruening 7. Ross Bailes 8. Ryan Gustin 9. Ricky Weiss 10. Josh Richards 11. Scott Bloomquist 12. Tony Jackson Jr 13. Rick Eckert 14. Boom Biggs 15. Kyle Bronson 16. Ross Robinson 17. Dan Stone 18. Cade Dillard 19. Darrell Lanigan 20. Brandon Sheppard 21. Dennis Erb Jr 22. John Baker 23. Mike Norris 24. Chase Junghans 25. Shane Clanton 26. Blake Spencer 27. Ashton Winger 28. David Breazeale 29. Ryan Scott 30. Bobby Pierce 31. Devin Moran 32. Brandon Overton 33. Tim McCreadie

Feature Lineup: (40 Laps)

Row 1Bobby PierceTim McCreadie
Row 2Ricky Thornton JrKyle Strickler
Row 3Tyler BrueningDevin Moran
Row 4Brandon OvertonMike Norris
Row 5Brandon SheppardHudson O’Neal
Row 6Ross BailesBrian Shirley
Row 7Kyle BronsonJimmy Owens
Row 8Ross RobinsonDennis Erb Jr
Row 9Josh RichardsRyan Gustin
Row 10Scott BloomquistRicky Weiss
Row 11Darrell LaniganRick Eckert
Row 12Tony Jackson JrDan Stone
Row 13 Cade DillardJohn Baker 
Row 14
Row 15
Boom Briggs
Ashton Winger
David Breazeale
Chase Junghans 

B-Main Results: (Top 3 transfer)

B-Main 1: Scott Bloomquist, Rick Eckert

B-Main 2: Ricky Weiss, Tony Jackson Jr

B-Main 3: Darrell Lanigan, Dan Stone

B-Main Lineups: (Top 2 transfer)

B-Main 1InsideOutside
Row 1Rick EckertScott Bloomquist
Row 2David BreazealeTyler Millwood
Row 3Shane ClantonGR Smith
Row 4Chris MaddenBlair Nothdurft
Row 5Chase JunghansDonnie Chappell
Row 6Spencer Hughes Mike Collins
B-Main 2InsideOutside
Row 1Brent LarsonRicky Weiss
Row 2Blake SpencerTony Jackson Jr
Row 3Jeff MatthewsAshton Winger
Row 4Mark WhitenerCade Dillard
Row 5Josh RiceRyan Scott
Row 6Brennon Willard  
B-Main 3InsideOutside
Row 1Darrell LaniganBilly Moyer Jr
Row 2Joe GodseyJohn Baker
Row 3Dan StoneChad Finley
Row 4Trevor GundakerParker Martin
Row 5Boom BriggsClay Harris

Heat Race Results: (Top 3 Transfer)

Heat 1: Bobby Pierce, Brandon Overton, Kyle Bronson

Heat 2: Tyler Bruening, Mike Norris, Jimmy Owens

Heat 3: Tim McCreadie, Brandon Sheppard, Ross Robinson

Heat 4: Kyle Strickler, Hudson O’Neal, Dennis Erb Jr

Heat 5: Devin Moran, Ross Bailes, Josh Richards

Heat 6: Ricky Thornton Jr, Brian Shirley, Ryan Gustin

Heat Race Lineups:(Top 3 Transfer)

Heat 1InsideOutside
Row 1Brandon OvertonBobby Pierce
Row 2Kyle BronsonRick Eckert
Row 3Shane ClantonDavid Breazeale
Row 4Chris MaddenChase Junghans
Row 5Spencer Hughes 
Heat 2InsideOutside
Row 1Jimmy OwensScott Bloomquist
Row 2Mike NorrisTyler Millwood
Row 3Tyler BrueningDonnie Chappell
Row 4Blair NothdurftG R Smith
Row 5Mike Collins  
Heat 3InsideOutside
Row 1Tim McCreadieBrandon Sheppard
Row 2Ross RobinsonBrent Larson
Row 3Josh RiceMark Whitener
Row 4Jeff MatthewsBlake Spencer
Heat 4InsideOutside
Row 1Kyle StricklerRicky Weiss
Row 2Cade DillardDennis Erb Jr
Row 3Hudson O’NealAshton Winger
Row 4Tony Jackson JrBrennon Willard
Row 5Ryan Scott 
Heat 5InsideOutside
Row 1Devin MoranRoss Bailes
Row 2Joe GodseyDarrell Lanigan
Row 3Josh RichardsBoom Briggs
Row 4Trevor GundakerDan Stone
Heat 6InsideOutside
Row 1Ricky Thornton JrBrian Shirley
Row 2Billy Moyer JrRyan Gustin
Row 3John BakerParker Martin
Row 4Chad FinleyClay Harris

Group A Qualifying Results:

Brandon Overton 15.956 seconds

Group B Qualifying Results:

Kyle Strickler 16.185 seconds


Group #1Group #2Group #3
Scott BloomquistTyler BrueningBrent Larson
Blair NothdurftKyle BronsonJosh Rice
Shane ClantonTim McCreadieRick Eckert
Brandon OvertonJimmy OwensTyler Millwood
Bobby PierceRoss RobinsonBrandon Sheppard
GR SmithJeff MatthewsMike Collins
Mark WhitenerSpencer HughesChris Madden
Blake SpencerDonnie ChappellMike Norris
David BreazealeChase Junghans 
Group #4Group #5Group #6
Ricky WeissDarrell LaniganAshton Winger
Kyle StricklerRyan GustinHudson O’Neal
Parker MartinCade DillardDan Stone
Tony Jackson JrDennis Erb JrRyan Scott
Josh RichardsRicky Thornton JrClay Harris
Ross BailesBilly Moyer JrBoom Briggs
Brennon WillardGordy GundakerJohn Baker
Chad FinleyDevin MoranJoe Godsey
Brian Shirley  

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