Moyer Masters the Field at Davenport

The Hall of Famer Billy Moyer took over the lead in the second half of the 40 lap event and picked up the MLRA win at Davenport Speedway on Thursday night.

Stovall Awarded Win at Stuart Speedway Wednesday

On Wednesday night Jesse Stovall was declared the winner of the MLRA event at Stuart Speedway after Ryan Gustin was disqualified. Gustin was found to of had a illegal suspension component in post race tech.

Oberkramer Dominates MLRA at Tri-City

October 16, 2020 at Tri-City Speedway ($5,000 to win) 1 #93 Mason Oberkramer 2 #32S Chris Simpson 3 #33 Tim Manville 4 #18B Shannon Babb 5 #32 Bobby Pierce 6 […]

Moyer Jr Wins at Lucas Oil Speedway

October 10, 2020 at Lucas Oil Speedway ($5,000 to win) A Feature MavTV 1. 21JR-Billy Moyer Jr[2]; 2. 91P-Jason Papich[20]; 3. 58-Jeremiah Hurst[3]; 4. 21-Billy Moyer Sr[5]; 5. 59-Garrett Alberson[10]; […]