Shirley Wins at Peoria, Closes Gap on Point Leader Heckenast

Brian Shirley wins at Peoria Speedway, closing the gap on current point leader Heckenast.
Brian Shirley wins at Peoria Speedway

October 9, 2020 at Peoria Speedway ($5,000 to win)

Feature Finish: 1) Brian Shirley 2) Brandon Sheppard 3) Dennis Erb Jr 4) Jason Feger 5) Bobby Pierce 6) Ryan Unzicker 7) Frank Heckenast Jr 8) Tanner English 9) Rusty Schlenk 10) Jesse Stovall 11) Brett Swedberg 12) Bob Gardner 13) Roger Rebholz 14) Rich Bell 15) Jake Miller 16) Mike Chasteen Jr 17) Taylor Scheffler 18) Todd Bennett 19) Billy Drake 20) Brayton Wallace 21) Chris Simpson 22) Jimmy Mars

A.e. Blair Photography

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