Nienhiser Takes Night 1 of Gold Crown Nationals

Brendon Bauman Photos

October 3, 2020 at Tri-City Speedway

(By Brendon Bauman)

Besting a field of 44 cars at Tri-City Speedway on Friday night, Paul Nienhiser scored the feature win with the Morrow Brothers Ford MOWA Sprint Car Series, this time piloting an entry for Scott Bonar and Midland Performance, instead of his normal Red/White #9X.

Polesitter Thomas Meseraull paced the field for the first 15 laps of the 25 lap affair before relinquishing the lead to Nienhiser who used lapped cars to his advantage to slide past Meseraull working lap 16. Two red flags in the feature slowed the field. One for Carson McCarl in turns three and four, and a front stretch melee that saw Cannon McIntosh get upside down.

Once the field refired after clean up of the red flag for McIntosh, it was smooth sailing for Nienhiser who never looked back during the remaining five laps, as he went on to record his 20th-career feature win with the MOWA Series, only two wins behind 5-time Points Champion and All-Time wins leader Jerrod Hull, of SIkeston, Missouri.

Following Nienhiser to the checkered, Thomas Meseraull, Skylar Gee, Robbie Standridge, and Joe B. Miller rounded out the top five. Jordan Goldesberry was the event’s hard charger, advancing from his 20th starting spot to finish 7th.

The Morrow Brothers Ford MOWA Sprints return to Tri-City Speedway for Night Two of the Gold Crown to wrap up a two-race weekend.

Feature Results: Paul Nienhiser, Thomas Meseraull, Skylar Gee, Robbie Standridge, Joe B. Miller, Chase Stockon, Jordan Goldesberry, Brinton Marvel, Zach Daum, Ryan Bunton, Riley Goodno, Austin O’Dell, Jeff Asher, Morgan Turpen, Kameron Key, Jacob Patton, Mitchell Davis, Cannon McIntosh, Korey Weyant, Travis Arenz, Carson McCarl.


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