New Year, Big Plans!

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2022 is here and it’s time to start thinking about how to improve your business. RPM is here to bring some options to your business so that each year can be more profitable than the last with a strong website presence. We have compiled three different areas to think about as you move forward in your planning.

For Starters, You Need a Registrar

It sounds patronizing, but you are going to need a website address. There are MANY companies that offer web addresses for sale, but who do you trust?

I can attest that web address purchasing is worth the research. In the year 2021, my domain was taken from my Google Domains account after 30 days of my payment method expiring and little notification given to update it. Support in the matter was subpar at best and long story short, I am out of a domain for good. 

After bringing this up, thought this would be the perfect time to partner with RPM and not only offer RPM great services, but offer their great services to our readers. 

With, you can buy domains, create websites, and set up custom email addresses to better service your clients. GoDaddy also has great ecommerce options for those that have an online retail presence. Because of our partnership, you can save up to 30% on new products with!

Get up to 30% off all new products with GoDaddy!

Already Have a Website? offers great deals when transferring your domain to their platform. Follow their simple instructions and you will be on your way.

For Photographers Specifically

This next section is for my photographer and artist readers especially. When you are a racing photographer, you know that there is a chance you will pay to shoot. Even if you get in the event for free on credentials, it costs to get to the track. What makes matters more difficult is the fact you can’t sell your images on track properties. 

A solution that I have found for photographers is With SmugMug, you are able to upload specific events or photos, and you choose how and when to sell them. You choose your prices, the actual products you want to sell, and even market these to your specific client base. 

This is a fantastic opportunity to make passive income in racing. 

File:SmugMug logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Above All, Security

Last, you want to be secure in your business. NordVPN has teamed up with RPM to offer a secure internet connection. With the technology now, you need to have a secure connection when you are conducting business to ensure you are safe and your business is secure. One incident can cripple a small business with retrieval expenses. Why not prevent that in the first place? 


Racing Performance Media is here to help you support your business. This new year will bring new and exciting opportunities from RPM that will drive your business. RPM will be breaking down these options over this month so you can make an informed decision about your business!


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