Moran Thursday Night Winner at Atomic

Devin Moran held off a hungry field of competitors to pocket the $22,000 at Atomic Speedway Thursday night.

April 22, 2021 at Atomic Speedway ($22,000 to win)

Photo: Michael Boggs

Fast Qualifier: Devin Moran 12.922

Heat Winners: Devin Moran, Jonathon Davenport, Tim McCreadie,

B Main Winner: Jimmy Owens

Feature Finish: Devin Moran, Jonathon Davenport, Bobby Pierce, Hudson O’Neal, Boom Briggs, Mike Marlar, Jimmy Owens, Josh Rice, Todd Brennan, Tyler Erb, Ryan King, Clint Keenan, Doug Drown, Brandon Overton, Tyler Carpenter, Tyler Milwood, Tim McCreadie, Kyle Bronson, Freddie Carpenter, Jacob Hawkins, Mason Zeigler, Tanner English

Results via Atomic Speedway


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