Credentialed Media Member Policy


This policy is an outline of expectations for our members of media that are under our credentials. This document is subject to change at any time, for any reason. 


Media Credential Member: Anyone who is under our credentials, for any reason, at any race, at any track; whether they are a one-off credential or a contributing credential. 

Venue – A place of business at which Racing Performance Media is advertising, reporting, or gaining prospects. 

Active Credential Member – A Credentialed Member of Racing Performance Media who is currently working in the field. 

Social Media: A Social Media Outlet can be viewed as, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Google Plus, other news agencies and outlets, blogs, e-books. 

Venue Conduct:

1. All Racing Performance Media Credentialed Members will act in a professional, courteous manner when under our credentials at any event or venue. 

2. Any negative comments about a driver, facility, or staff member must remain with the credentialed member. RPM will not tolerate unprofessional comments made to drivers, other members of media, or staff of a venue at any time. This is considered a zero-tolerance violation and will result in pulling of your hard card. 

3. All Racing Performance Media Credentialed Members will act in a manner that promotes safety. While we understand getting the best photograph may result in putting yourself in extreme situations, we will not be responsible for any injury or death that results from such unsafe behavior.   

Social Media Policy:

1.a. Racing Performance Media reserves the right to view any social media post created by a credentialed member, whether on an RPM account or the contributor’s personal account, for the purpose of maintaining professionalism. 

1.b. At any time, Racing Performance Media may ask you to remove a post if it seen as offensive, or otherwise unprofessional. 

1.c. Racing Performance Media will not issue credentials should an offender go over three violations in a one year time period. 

1.d. Racing Performance Media is held to a high standard of professionalism. With the new age of social media, we must ensure that all of our contributors are remaining professional should they wish to post content on social media with our name attached. We understand you personal page is about you specifically, but we will not have the public know an unprofessional person works for RPM.  

Social Media Policy Violations:

2. Social Media Violations can be determined as follows, but are not limited to:

   2.a. A post with an image that shows, implies, or otherwise would lead an individual to believe it was racial, graphic, or otherwise offensive to others. 

   2.b. A post with words that show, imply, or otherwise would lead an individual to believe it was racial, graphic, or otherwise offensive to others.

   2.c. Replying to a person, business, or entity post with racial, graphic, or otherwise offensive material that may be harmful to others.

   2.d. Threatening violence on another person or object on Social Media.

   2.e. Commenting on other business, media, or posts that are not on your personal page or RPM’s business page, racial, graphic, or otherwise offensive material.

Violation Repercussions:

1. Zero Tolerance – Zero Tolerance violations will result in the immediate removal of your Hard Card. You must appeal this decision in order to receive your hard card back. Failure to appeal the decision will result in indefinite suspension of Hard Card. Types of Zero Tolerance Violations include: Direct harassment of an individual at a venue, on Social Media, through phone call, text, or any other form of direct or indirect contact; use of drugs while holding an active credential with Racing Performance Media.  

2.  Warnings – Unless specified above, Racing Performance Media will send you a warning if you have violated any of our terms of being a Credentialed Media Member. Your warning will come in the form of email. You may be required to reply to this email with your version of the incident or otherwise violation in question. 

​- All violations will be communicated via email to you. In all cases, an acknowledgement of email received is required. Hard cards can, and will be pulled should you not wish to reply.

– RPM will notify racing facilities of your hard card removal and request you be taken off of their media list under our name. Should you wish to be replaced on the media list, you must contact the facility directly. Once removed, you may not use our name to gain credentials.

​3. Violation of using Racing Performance Media to gain media credentials without express written consent or if hard card is suspended or revoked is a zero tolerance violation and will be treated as such.

Drug Use

Racing Performance Media holds a strict drug use policy. We encourage our employees and Credentialed Members to seek assistance if they have a drug abuse problem. Use of drugs while credentialed with RPM will result in immediate removal of your hard card. 

Drugs that are prohibited by RPM include, but are not limited to: recreational or medical cannabis, hashish, methamphetamine, heroin, fentanyl, cocaine, psilocybin, mescaline, lsd, amphetamine, opium, and/or any illegal or unprescribed prescription drugs. 

*Due to Federal Regulations, we are not permitted to allow use of Medical Cannabis at this time. 

Racing Performance Media reserves the right to drug test at any time, for any reason, should there be suspicion of drug use. 

Should you test positive for any illegal or inhibiting drug or substance while under credentials with RPM, your credentials will immediately be revoked under our zero tolerance policy. 

Photo and Video Copyright:

All photos and videos retain copyright to the respective originator unless otherwise specified in writing. 

Employment Status

Unless otherwise specified, you will not be considered an employee of Racing Performance Media. Your status will remain as a subcontractor.

1a. You understand you are subject to receiving a 1099 if you receive payment of any kind from Racing Performance Media. 

2a. You agree Racing Performance Media is not responsible for providing any health benefits due to your employment status unless otherwise specified by the law.  

Photo and Video Licensing:

The Media Credentialed Member agrees to license all content to Racing Performance Media indefinitely, for use in any and all publications. 

Racing Performance Media may publish said licensed work in any means necessary, excluding by means of generating profit, including, but no limited to: social media posts, website posts, printed publications, printed and website advertisements, etc. 

You agree to license said work to all affiliates and subsidiaries of Racing Performance Media for any use other than to generate profit. 

All copyrights will remain with the contributor. 

Form last updated 03/22/2020

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