McCreadie Winner at The Mag

Tim McCreadie picked up the race lead around midway Friday night and never looked back. T-Mac will chase the $12,000 payday Saturday night.

November 13, 2020 at Magnolia Motor Speedway ($4,000 to win)

Feature Finish: 1) Tim McCreadie 2) Billy Moyer Jr 3) Mike Marlar 4) Chris Madden 5) Spencer Hughes 6) Shane Clanton 7) Dennis Erb Jr 8) Chris Ferguson 9) Tyler Erb 10) Chad Thrash 11) Jason Hiett 12) Morgan Bagley 13) Cade Dillard 14) Josh Putnam 15) Myles Moos 16) Parker Martin 17) Kenny Collins 18) Dalton Cook 19) Jamie Elam 20) Ross Camponovo 21) Scott Dedwylder 22) Brian Rickman 23) Dane Dacus 24) Rick Rickman

B-Main Winners: Brian Rickman, Myles Moos

Heat Race Winners: BIlly Moyer Jr, Spencer Hughes, Tim McCreadie, Dane Dacus

Fast Qualifier: Dennis Erb Jr 14.026 seconds

Robert Holman Photo


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