Strickler Outduels Bloomquist for Sunshine Nationals Win

Live updates from the final night of the World of Outlaw Late Model Sunshine Nationals from Volusia Speedway Park.

Saturday, January 16, 2021 at Volusia Speedway Park

Race Info:

Car Count: 37

Overall Fast Qualifier: Kyle Strickler 16.018 seconds

Heat Race Winners: Kyle Strickler, Scott Bloomquist, Parker Martin, Ross Bailes

B-Main Winners: Dale McDowell, Brent Larson

Feature Winner: Kyle Strickler

Feature Results:

Kyle Strickler, Scott Bloomquist, Darrell Lanigan, Ricky Weiss, Jimmy Owens, John Baker, Brandon Sheppard, Mark Whitener, Dale McDowell, Kyle Bronson, Boom Briggs, Ross Bailes, Dennis Erb Jr, Parker Martin, Ross Robinson, Blake Spencer, Tyler Bruening, Rick Eckert, Chase Junghans, Ryan Gustin, Cade Dillard, Ashton Winger, Tony Jackson Jr, Brent Larson, Ryan Scott, David Breazeale

B-Main Results: (Top 3 Transfer)

B-Main #1: Dale McDowell, Rick Eckert, Tony Jackson Jr, Earl Pearson Jr, Jeff Matthews, Ryan Crane, Josiah Godsey, Mike Collins, Ryan Scott, Jeff Roth, Deshawn Gingerich

B-Main #2: Brent Larson, Ryan Gustin, Boom Briggs, Chris Madden, Tyler Millwood, Dan Stone, Blake Spencer, Ashton Winger

Heat Race Results: (Top 4 Transfer)

Heat 1: Kyle Strickler, Jimmy Owens, John Baker, Ross Robinson, Jeff Matthews, Earl Pearson Jr., Mike Collins, Deshawn Gingerich, Tony Jackson Jr., Jeff Roth

Heat 2: Scott Bloomquist, Tyler Bruening, Kyle Bronson, Ricky Weiss, Dale McDowell, Rick Eckert, Ryan Cane, Josiah Godsey, Ryan Scott

Heat 3: Parker Martin, Darrell Lanigan, Brandon Sheppard, Dennis Erb Jr, Ryan Gustin, Boom Briggs, Cade Dillard, Tyler Millwood, Ashton Winger

Heat 4: Ross Bailes, David Breazeale, Mark Whitener, Chase Junghans, Brent Larson, Dan Stone, Chris Madden, Blake Spencer

Qualifying Lineups:

Group A:

1P Earl Pearson Jr

8 Kyle Stricker

14JR John Baker

0G DeShawn Gingerich

14G Josiah Godsey

7 Ricky Weiss

56 Tony Jackson Jr

0 Scott Bloomquist

7R Ross Robinson

33 Jeff Matthews

0S Ryan Scott

16 Tyler Bruening

10 Ryan Crane

20 Jimmy Owens

17M Dale McDowell

3 Mike Collins

40B Kyle Bronson

14R Jeff Roth

0E Rick Eckert

Group B:

6JR Parker Martin

97 Cade Dillard

2 Dan Stone

12 Ashton Winger

1 Brandon Sheppard

54 David Breazeale

25 Donnie Chappell

28 Dennis Erb Jr

385 Mark Whitener

58 Ross Bailes

19R Ryan Gustin

6 Blake Spencer

44 Chris Madden

29V Darrell Lanigan

18 Chase Junghans

99B Boom Briggs

B1 Brent Larson

31 Tyler Millwood


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