Overton, Satterlee Take Dream Prelims Friday Night

Friday June 11, 2021 at Eldora Speedway

Race Statistics:

Sanction: DIRTcar Racing

Payout: Twin $10,000 to win

Laps: Twin 25’s

Car Count: 71

Overall Fast Qualifier: Brandon Overton 15.154 seconds

Heat Winners: Brandon Overton, Darrell Lanigan, Ryan Gustin, Scott Bloomquist, Gregg Saterlee, Bobby Pierce, Jonathan Davenport, Shannon Babb

B-Main Winners: Kent Robinson, Billy Moyer

Feature Winners: Brandon Overton, Gregg Saterlee

Expectant Entrants:

Feature Finishes:

Feature 1 Finish: Brandon Overton, Ryan Gustin, Darrell Lanigan, Scott Bloomquist, Kyle Larson, Devin Moran, Ricky Thornton Jr, Frank Heckenast Jr., Nick Hoffman, Shane Clanton, Brian Shirley, Tim McCreadie, Ross Bailes, Dennis Erb Jr., Chad Simpson, Kyle Strickler, Spencer Hughes, Travis Stemler, John Blankenship, Steven Roberts, Michael Brown, Kent Robinson, Ricky Weiss, Scott James

Feature 2 Finish: Gregg Saterlee, Shannon Babb, Kyle Bronson, Jonathan Davenport, Chris Ferguson, Jensen Ford, Jimmy Owens, Brandon Sheppard, Chris Madden, Bobby Pierce, Tyler Bruening, Josh Rice, Dale McDowell, Max Blair, Billy Moyer, Zack Dohm, Jacob Hawkins, Kody Evans, Jason Feger, Mason Zeigler, Johnny Scott, Mike Marlar, Stormy Scott, Chase Junghans

B-Main Results: (Top 4 transfer)

B-Main 1: Kent Robinson

B-Main 2: Billy Moyer

B-Main Lineups: (Top 4 transfer)

Group A

Group B

Heat Race Results: (Top 5 Transfer)

Group A

Heat 1: Brandon Overton

Heat 2: Darrell Lanigan

Heat 3: Ryan Gustin

Heat 4: Scott Bloomquist

Group B

Heat 1: Gregg Satterlee

Heat 2: Bobby Pierce

Heat 3: Jonathan Davenport

Heat 4: Shannon Babb

Group A Qualifying Results:

Brandon Overton 15.154 seconds

Group B Qualifying Results:

Fastest Jimmy Owens 15.335 seconds


Group A Fastest: Ryan Gustin 15.527 seconds

Group B Fastest: Zack Dohm 15.269 seconds


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