Lee Victorious on Night 3 of Winternationals

Lucas Lee rebounds his East Bay week with a win on Thursday night in the Winternationals.

January 21, 2021 at East Bay Raceway Park

Photo: Jim DenHammer

Feature Finish: 1. Lucas Lee 2. Spencer Hughes 3. Drake Troutman 4. Jason Hughes Devin Dixon 6. Tyler Nicely 7. Dave Hess Jr 8. Kevin Adams 9. Nick Allen 10. Travis Varnadore 11. Brad Deyoung 12. Eric Moon 13. Nick Stroupe 14. Mark Dickson 15. Brayden Berry 16. Tyler Clem 17. Chris Wilson 18. Devin Wright 19. Jason Jack 20. Brian Skaggs 21. Bryan Bernhardt 22. David Pollen 23. Jeff Mathews 24. Mavrick Varnadore

Heat Race Winners: Spencer Hughes, Kevin Adams, Nick Stroupe, Eric Moon, Jason Hughes, Lucas Lee

B-Main Winners: Bryan Bernardt, Brayden Berry

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