Krup Wins Wanna Race 30 at Florence


October 24, 2020 at Florence Speedway ($2,000 to win)


(By Tyson Graves)

The Summit Racing Equipment American Modified Series closed out its tenth season on Saturday night at Florence Speedway. The Wanna Race 30 was to honor the late Tim Wolfe, the series race director, who lost his life back in September. Thirty-four modifieds filled the pit area at the track just outside of Florence, Kentucky.

In SPEC Racing Engines sponsored hot lap qualifying 34 cars tried to lay down their fastest lap. In Group A it was Nathon Loney who put down the fastest lap of 17.875 seconds to top the charts. In Group B it was Pete Holt who turned a lap of 17.984 seconds. Nathon Loney from Group A would have the fastest overall lap. This set the stage for the four heat races that would begin to determine the nights feature event lineup.

Hypercoils heat race one went to Will Krup from Mount Carmel, IL. Fast qualifier Nathon Loney finished in the second spot. Shawn Brown and the Longhorn Chassis of Eric Wells came home in third and fourth to transfer to the main event.

In the second heat race presented by Willy’s Carb & Dyno Adam Stricker picked up the win in commanding fashion. Bryan Barber, the driver from Buffalo, Kentucky, was runner up with Richard Gibson and Shawn Negangard also picking up transfer spots into the nights feature event.

In the Fast Shafts sponsored heat race three Group B fast qualifier Pete Holt came out on top. Second place was two-time series winner Tyler Nicely and third Cole Falloway. The fourth and final transfer to the feature was John Holt Jr.

Final heat race of the night presented by AERO Wheels was won by Trent Green, driver out of Milton, Kentucky. David Webb was second, Chris Cole third and John Clippinger was fourth. The top four drivers all moved on to the nights main event.

It took a pair of pair of B-Mains to set the remainder of the starting field. Independence, Kentucky driver Rick Corbin and Robinson, IL driver Brian Shaw picked up the wins in the 12 lap events. Kenny Carmichael, Sr and Alan Ketchum came home runner up in each race and transferred to the feature event.

After starting on the pole Will Krup took an early commanding lead. Will was the car to beat all feature long. Several drivers tried to challenge Krup throughout the race, but none were successful. In the final laps Will had to maneuver through a couple lap cars that allowed Tyler Nicely to close in. Tyler had started back in the sixth position and quietly put himself in a position to challenge in the end.

Will Krup took home the $2,000 payday in the Wanna Race 30 and won his second American Modified Series win of the 2020 race season. After his runner up finish Tyler Nicely put the cherry on top and claimed his second straight series Championship. Trent Green rounded out the top three. Nathon Loney and Shawn Brown finished out the top five. Brian Shaw was the hard charger on the night. After starting back in 18th, Brian came through the field to finish 11th. He got the $100 bonus sponsored by Terry from the Dairy Queen in Plymouth, Indiana.

Michael Boggs Photography

This event closed out the 2020 race season for the American Modified Series. Details including a 2021 race schedule will be released during the off-season once all is made complete. Stay informed with all the latest news from the series on their Facebook page or website

Full Results

Feature (30 Laps) 1) Will Krup 2) Tyler Nicely 3) Trent Green 4) Nathon Loney 5) Shawn Brown 6) Bryan Barber 7) David Webb 8) Eric Wells 9) Pete Holt 10) John Clippinger 11) Brian Shaw 12) Chris Cole 13) Shawn Negangard 14) Adam Stricker 15) John Jackson 16) John Holt Jr 17) Cole Falloway 18) Alan Ketchum 19) Richard Gibson 20)Kenny Carmichael, Sr 21) Rick Corbin

Qualifying (Group #A) 1) Nathon Loney 17.875 seconds

Qualifying (Group #B) 1) Pete Holt 17.984 seconds

Heat Race #1 (10 Laps) – 1) Will Krup 2) Nathan Loney 3) Shawn Brown 4) Eric Wells 5) Rick Corbin 6) Kenny Carmichael, Sr 7) Jay Shell 8) Josh Rice 9) Earl Plessinger

Heat Race #2 (10 Laps) – 1) Adam Stricker 2) Bryan Barber 3) Richard Gibson 4) Shawn Negangard 5) Larry Pickelheimer, Jr 6) John Jackson 7) Billy Vaughn 8) Eric Bradford

Heat Race #3 (10 Laps) – 1) Pete Holt 2) Tyler Nicely 3) Cole Falloway 4) John Holt, Jr 5) Jimmy Hayden 6) Brain Shaw 7) Kim Edington 8) Travis Johnson 9) Lee Edington

Heat Race #4 (10 Laps) – 1) Trent Green 2) David Webb 3) Chris Cole 4) John Clippinger 5) Ryan Morton 6) Alan Ketchum 7) Jason Whitaker 8) Stan Freeman

B-Main #1 (12 Laps) – 1) Rick Corbin 2) Kenny Carmichael, Sr 3) John Jackson 4) Jay Shell 5) Eric Bradford 6) Larry Pickelheimer Jr 7) Billy Vaughn 8) Josh Rice – DNS 9) Earl Plessinger – DNS

B-Main #2 (12 Laps) – 1) Brain Shaw 2) Alan Ketchum 3) Kim Edington 4) Lee Edington 5) Jimmy Hayden 6) Ryan Morton 7) Travis Johnson – DNS 8) Jason Whitaker – DNS 9) Stan Freeman – DNS

Contingency Award Winners

SPEC Race Engines (Overall Fast Qualifier) $100 Certificate: Nathon Loney

F.A.S.T. (Opposing Group Fast Qualifier) $75 Certificate: Pete Holt

HYPERCOILS (Heat Race #1 Winner) (1) 5″ Spring Certificate: Will Krup

WILLY’S CARB & DYNO (Heat Race #2 Winner) $100 Certificate: Adam Stricker

FAST SHAFTS (Heat Race #3 Winner) $75 Certificate: Pete Holt

AERO WHEEL (Heat Race #4 Winner) $80 Certificate: Trent Green

VP RACING FUELS (B-Main #1 Non-Transfer) (5) Gal of VP Fuel: Jay Shell

SUMMIT RACING EQUIPMENT (B-Main #1 2nd Non-Transfer) $50 Gift Card: Eric Bradford

SUMMIT RACING EQUIPMENT (B-Main #1 3rd Non-Transfer) $25 Gift Card: Larry Pickelheimer Jr.

VP RACING FUELS (B-Main #2 Non-Transfer) (5) Gal of VP Fuel: Kim Edington

SUMMIT RACING EQUIPMENT (B-Main #2 2nd Non-Transfer) $50 Gift Card: Lee Edington

SUMMIT RACING EQUIPMENT (B-Main #2 3rd Non-Transfer) $25 Gift Card: Jimmy Hayden

PEM RACING (4th Place Finish) Quick Change Gear Set: Nathon Loney

MAXIMA RACING OILS (Tuff 5th Place Finish) Care Package: Shawn Brown

HOOKER HARNESS (Safe 6th Place Finish) $75 Certificate: Bryan Barber

WILWOOD DISC BRAKES (Lucky 7th Place Finish) $50 Certificate: David Webb

BALDWIN RACING ENGINES (10th Place Finish) $100 Certificate: John Clippinger

FOX RACING SHOX (Lucky 13th Place Finish) $100 Certificate: Shawn Negangard

ALLSTAR PERFORMANCE (Hard Charger) $100 Certificate: Brain Shaw (18th – 11th)

VP RACING FUELS (Hard Luck) VP Fuel Jug: Rick Corbin

WILES DRIVESHAFTS (Longest Tow for Event) $100 Certificate: Lee Edington

Top 10 Points after Florence Speedway

1. Tyler Nicely 1945

2. Danny Schwartz 1405

3. Will Krup 1235

4. Chris Cole 1165

5. Brian Shaw 1055

6. Mark Cole 1050

7. John Clippinger 1025

8. Nick Hoffman 935

9. Jacob Rexing 920

10. Mike Harrison 720


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