Krup Wins B-Mod Bash at Tri-City

Will Krup bested the field during the B-Mod Bash at Tri-City Speedway Friday night.
Will Krup on his way to the $3,000 payday at B-Mod Bash. (Rich Labrier Photo

Feature Finish (30 Laps) ($3,000 to win): 1) Will Krup 2) Tim Hancock Sr 3) Treb Jacoby 4) Clint Young 5) Trey Harris 6) Earl Pryor 7) Josh Sissom 8) Jason Walsh 9) Matthew Elder 10) John Stanton 11) Terry Chester 12) Rob Timmons 13) Ethan Isaacs 14) Miles Cook Jr 15) Larry Anderson 16) Joe Mercurio 17) Bret Eilerman 18) Michael Kettler 19) Jeff Yates 20) Tom Rorabacher 21) TJ Jackson 22) Everett Bradham 23 Owen Steinkoenig 24) Joe Dresch 25) Tyler Blankenship 26) Logan Cumby

Non-Qualifier Winner: Tommy Gaither

B-Main #1: Trey Harris

B-Main #2: Clint Young

C-Main #1: Tim Hancock Sr

C-Main #2: Tom Rorabacher

Heat Race Winners: Everett Bradham, Treb Jacoby, Larry Anderson, Will Krup, Ethan Isaacs, Owen Steinkoenig, Matthew Edler, Tyler Blankenship

Fast Qualifier: Clint Young 16.528 seconds

Car Count: 76

(Photo: Rich Labier)

(Results via My Race Pass)


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