FTC Disclosure

In conjunction with our Privacy Policy, Racing Performance Media Brands also has this FTC (Federal Trades Commissions) Disclosure to offer.

From time to time, Racing Performance Media Brands receives cash, free items, and services in compensation for advertising on our Website.

The compensation received can influence the article we are writing about. While this is true, Racing Performance Media Brands does our due diligence to provide exceptional content and advertising; thus we will not provide a recommendation without first trying or reviewing extensively the brand.

The contents of our blog posts from time to time can be opinion based. As stated above, if an article is influenced by a product, the opinion will be supported with facts to promote the product. No product will be given a biased opinion to “make a sale”.

Racing Performance Media Brands only works with companies that have reputable reviews. Companies such as Share – a – Sale and Conversant are who we partner with to obtain our brands to promote. Racing Performance Media as a company has been vetted through these outlets to ensure our validity as well.

If you have any questions, please contact me, Addison Blair at addison@racingperformancemedia.com.

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