Fergy Time at Bristol

On Friday night Mount Holly, North Carolina driver Chris Ferguson dominated the Super Late Model feature event.

March 19, 2021 at Bristol Motor Speedway

Photo: Rich Labrier

Feature: 1. Chris Ferguson; 2. Kyle Larson; 3. Jonathan Davenport; 4. Scott Bloomquist; 5. Chris Madden; 6. Michael Rouse; 7. Boom Briggs; 8. Adam Yarbrough; 9. Jason Riggs; 10. Michael Chilton; 11. Donald McIntosh; 12. Dakotah Knuckles; 13. Kyle Busch; 14. Jay Scott; 15. David Payne; 16. Ricky Thornton Jr; 17. Chase Elliott; 18. Brian Nuttall Jr; 19. Tyler Millwood; 20. Brandon Overton; 21. Ray Cook; 22. Jensen Ford; 23. Coleby Frye; 24. Frank Ingram;

Heat Winners: Chris Ferguson, Jonathan Davenport, Kyle Larson, Brandon Overton

Fast Qualifier: Kyle Larson 15.460 seconds


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