Eldora Doubles Down for Marquee Events in 2021

Eldora Speedway announced on Tuesday evening that they will be running not one but two Dirt Late Model Dream's & World 100 events in 2021 to make up for last year's postponements due to COVID-19.
Eldora Double Down

April 14, 2021

Last year many of the major events in our sport fell prey to COVID-19 and its restrictions it placed on event gatherings. Two of those events included the two most prestigious events in dirt late model racing. So in 2021 Eldora will be giving a special treat to their race fans but not only running this years events but also running last year’s events as well to double the fun. Not only does this give fans twice the experience but also puts up some serious money to be won by drivers.

The 27th edition of the Dirt Late Model Dream will take place on Thursday June 10 and paying $127,000 to win. The 26th edition will take place on Saturday June 12 and pay last years scheduled $126,000 to win. The 51st World 100 will take place on Thursday September 9 and pay $54,000 to win. Then on Saturday September 11 the highly anticipated 50th Annual World 100 will happen for $53,000 to win.


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