Dohm In Boggs Tribute Car Lands $10,000 at Richmond

Zack Dohm was the man to beat Saturday night at Richmond Raceway. In his Jackie Boggs tribute car he won the Ultimate Heart of America Super Late Model Series event paying $10,000.

Ultimate Heart of America Super Late Model Series Results

Feature Finish: 1) Zack Dohm 2) Dustin Linville 3) Scott James 4) Devin Gilpin 5) Tyler Carpenter 6) Derek Fisher 7) Justin Rattliff 8) Freddie Carpenter 9) Brandon Fouts 10) Tommy Bailey 11) Dennis Roberson 12) Tristan Chamberlain 13) Josh Hall 14) Mikah Reams 15) Joe Godsey 16) Josh Vineyard 17) Kevin Smith 18) Richie Edwards 19) Cory Brock 20) Tyrel Todd 21) Steve Stollings 22) Kent Keyser 23) Steve Smith 24) Greg Johnson

Fast Qualifier: Zack Dohm 15.235 seconds

Heat Winners: Zack Dohm, Freddie Carpenter, Dustin Linville, Devin Gilpin

Results via Richmond Raceway

Photo Ryan Roberts


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