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Racing Performance Media is proud to provide original and safe content to our fans. Through our extensive relationships in racing, we have the inside knowledge on the latest happenings and are able to provide great content for it.

Solid Growth

RPM is in a steady growth path despite the global pandemic happening. We have rolled up our sleeves, busted open the books, and learned from our mistakes. From the beginning we were about providing content. Now, we are about providing content with value to our readers and sponsors. RPM will continue to see growth in 2020 and 2021. We are utilizing multiple campaign sources to reach our goals.


RPM will continue to adapt to the changing landscape we are in. Through marketing data obtained in our website we can see where we lack in demographic reach. Knowing this paints a picture of our road to success.

Call to Action

Become an RPM sponsor in just a few east steps:

  1. Decide where you want your brand to be located. It’s not just about the website. Racing Performance Media reaches hundreds of thousands of viewers weekly on our social media platforms.
  2. Contact us. Once you decide where you would like to showcase your brand, it’s time to contact RPM and have a one on one with our leadership.
  3. Display! Once we agree to a solution, we display your brand and you receive a return on investment!

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