2020 Moments – Teen Ledford Wins Farmer City Mod Title

But it was the youngest of the Ledford family Mikey who stole the show in 2020.
37 - Ledford Wins Track Title as Teen - Dylan

August (By Tyson Graves)

One thing is certain the talent behind the wheel of dirt racing cars is getting younger all the time. In Central Illinois Modified racing the name Ledford has been around for some time. Jay Ledford is a multi-time track champion across central Illinois. His son Jeffery Ledford has won some big races behind the wheel of the modified and just recently moved up to the Super Late Model ranks. But it was the youngest of the Ledford family Mikey who stole the show in 2020.

Last year during the PDC we seen the 14-year-old pull off the slider of the century when he slid it in deep and stole the final transfer spot into one of the biggest modified events of the year. But that was just the start of what was to come in 2020 for the teen who just completed middle school.

The start of the season was pushed back some due to all the COVID-19 restrictions across the state of Illinois, but once it got going so did the driver dubbed “The Madman.” During the 2020 season Michael Ledford picked up a couple of FALS Cup wins at the Fairbury Speedway. Also, over the summer he came very close to picking up a couple wins at the Farmer City Raceway. One night he about knocked the deck off the car as he tried to slide Allen Weisser for the win.

The consistency of running up front week after week paid off at Farmer City Raceway. Even though he did not win a feature event in 2020 at the quarter-mile oval, he was able to pull off the season long points title. We remember his Farmer City debut back a couple of years ago during the Illini 100, he said he would be through the roof just to make the show. Now here he is developing into one of the best regional modified racers around. Look for big things in the coming years from Mikey. Winning a track title as a teen is worth being in the top moments of the 2020 race season.

Photo: Dylan Graves


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