2020 Moments – Shirley Wins 3rd Straight Summer Nationals Title

The Hell Tour three-peat, one the big moments of 2020.
33- Shirley Wins Summer Nationals Title

August (By Tyson Graves)

The Chatham, Illinois driver they call “The Squirrel” may be in the prime of his career right now. The last two seasons we have seen him capture the Summer National championship. In 2019 he also claimed the National DIRTcar title as well. Once again in 2020 Shirley was the regional guy to beat in the Midwest.

In a very different Hell Tour season, one thing was the same, the 3s in victory lane. Brian would find victory lane on seven occasions throughout the Summer Nationals tour that was spread out over two months in 2020. This included $10,000 wins at Farmer City and Fayette County, along with his thrilling win at Fairbury in August. It is safe to say Shirley is on a hot streak and putting together some the best races of his career.

Brian Shirley started his season on the Lucas Oil tour but after the pandemic hit, he reverted to a true outlaw type schedule and it paid off. Brian Shirley may be the driver to beat once again in 2021 when it comes to the Summer Nationals tour. The Hell Tour three-peat, one the big moments of 2020.

Photo: Tyson Graves


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