2020 Moments – Shirley Nips Sheppard at Fairbury

Brian Shirley outdueled Brandon Sheppard for a dandy of a finish at FALS.
31 - Shirley Nips Sheppard at FALS - Tyson

August (By Tyson Graves)

The Summer Nationals for the first time ever held two events at Fairbury Speedway. After Jacksonville Speedway had to give up their date due to COVID-19 restrictions, Matt Curl picked up the event for a mid-week dandy at a track that always produces great racing.

Brian Shirley was already well on his way to another Summer Nationals title, but on a Wednesday night he proved it by beating the best in the business right now. In what some call the 2020 race of the year, we saw two Illinois drivers battle it out for another career win in Hell Tour history. But at the end of the night, it was the driver they call “The Squirrel” who held off Brandon Sheppard by a nose for the exciting victory.

After the race Brian said you are really doing something when you hold off Sheppard, he is the best in the business for a reason and when you beat him at a place like Fairbury its extra special. The near photo finish of Shirley at FALS, on the memorable moments of 2020.

Photo: Tyson Graves


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