2020 Moments – Owens Wins Topless 100

There is nothing like seeing two legends of our sport still on top of their game.
20 - Owens Wins Topless 100 - St Louis Dirt Track

August (By Tyson Graves)

There is nothing like seeing two legends of our sport still on top of their game. We saw that in August at Batesville Motor Speedway during the Topless 100 Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series event.

It was no secret that Jimmy Owens had one of the most successful summers of his career and was on pace to easily win the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series crown. When the cars rolled into the pit area for the weekend all eyes were on Jimmy Owens and Brandon Overton as the favorites to win the crown jewel event. Jimmy would be chasing his third win in the topless event.

Jimmy Owens annihilated the field and led all 100 laps. But in the closing laps veteran driver Billy Moyer did not make it easy. Moyer closed in on the back of the #20 machine as laps winded down. On the last lap Moyer took the lead for a brief second as the drivers came off turn two. But Moyer made contact with the outside wall and that was enough for Owens to get away for the win. Moyer would limp back around and finish 4th.

The last lap of the 100-lapper was a moment we will not forget anytime soon. Two of the best to ever sit in the seat duking it out for a crown jewel is not something we see every day.

Photo: Derek Burgess

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