2020 Moments – Overton Wins Southern Nationals Tour

But the numbers Brandon Overton put together in 2020 was simply amazing.
23- Overton WIns Southern Nationals - Perkins

July (By Tyson Graves)

Every year there seems to be that regional driver that has a breakout season that impresses and turns heads. This year we saw well known drivers Jimmy Owens and Brandon Sheppard have amazing seasons and win points titles on the national tours. But the numbers Brandon Overton put together in 2020 was simply amazing.

Running an outlaw type schedule in the Wells Motorsports entry, we found Brandon Overton’s name on big checks all over the country. From Florida all the way up to the tip of Wisconsin the Georgia based driver had a dream season. Overton picked up wins on both national tours and every tour in between.

But every summer we always find the driver they call “Big Sexy” participating in the Southern Nationals summer tour. This year was no different than it has been in three of the last four seasons. Brandon Overton getting his name wrote on the points champion check at the end of the mini-series tour. Outdueling Chris Madden Brandon put together six wins including a stretch of four in a row.

Brandon Overton was undoubtedly one of the top three drivers in the country. Maybe even more impressive than Sheppard and Owens to some due to the types of tracks and the number of series’ he won in. Either way his third Southern Nationals title in four years was a moment to remember in 2020.

Photo: Cole Perkins


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