2020 Moments – 3rd Generation Schwartz Wins 3 Track Titles

Three track championships in a crazy year makes this a definite moment to remember.
43 - Deece Swartz wins 3 track titles - Tyson

October (By Tyson Graves)

Ashmore, Illinois is the hometown for the Schwartz family. The town is not the home to three generations of racers who are well known across the Midwest. Years ago, Denny Schwartz was a driver to watch no matter where he went. The veteran driver had many feature wins behind the wheel of a late model and modified. Then came along his son Danny who still tears up the track winning races in his modified.

But the past couple seasons the third-generation driver Deece Schwartz has been getting his feet wet behind the wheel of a B-Mod at Charleston Speedway. The kid started to have some success and grow in his driving skills. Driving his own hauler to the track once he was sixteen, not only did he turn heads at his on-track success, but his mom and dad seen Deece maturing into a responsible and hard-working young man. Deece worked on his own car and at times, especially in the 2020 season he would driver himself to the track. This included trips to tracks like Farmer City and Kankakee to compete when his dad may be in places as far as Missouri with the American Modified Series, in which Danny finished runner up.

Despite 2020 being a crazy year to get things going Deece got to get his season started back in May at Charleston Speedway. A familiar track to him where he ran consistently up front and picked up a few feature wins along the way. Once things got underway at other tracks around, he started to go run at Kankakee and Farmer City when they ran B-Mods. Deece quickly adapted to the other tracks and picked up a couple feature wins and put himself in the mix for the track championships.

Come the end of August Deece found himself winning the track championship at Farmer City Raceway. Deece struggled a little in the final race but grinded out a strong enough finish to win the 2020 track championship. A couple weeks later the same was true at Kankakee County Speedway, he would end up clinching the track championship there as well. Two track championships and leading the points at Charleston Speedway as we headed into October, the teenage Schwartz had a shot at the National DIRTcar title. He was second in points nationally headed into the final race weekend at Lincoln Speedway. On night one he closed the gap and was within reach for the Saturday night finale. Mother nature would not have it and rain claimed the Saturday night event and it was not made up. It was a hard pill to swallow for the entire Schwartz family, feeling they still had a legitimate chance to claim the title.

The Schwartz family would return to racing at the Charleston Speedway in October and watch Deece cruise on to the track title there as well. To say it put a smile on his family’s face is an understatement. A teenage boy from small town Ashmore, Illinois chasing a dream started by his dad and grandfather. Deece is developing into a driver to watch in the years to come. In 2021 he looks to drive a full-blown A-Mod at select events. We will have our eyes on him, could he be as good or better than his dad? Time will tell. Three track championships in a crazy year makes this a definite moment to remember.

Photo: Tyson Graves


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